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SuperDad to the Rescue

I gotta say, I’ve had some bad luck with following instructions from YouTube DIY Videos.  Remind me to tell you about the time I baked my Playstation 3 in the oven to fix it.  Seriously, those videos exist.  I tried it.  It didn’t work.  I do have some video of my attempt though so maybe I’ll share that later for entertainment purposes.

But last night, this YouTube kid helped me fix my 7-year-old son’s Angry Birds plush toy.  Which is really cool since it was making a low static noise instead of the normal chirping & sound effects.  I really wasn’t looking forward to opening the thing up since there wasn’t any accessible battery compartment.  Cutting it open and sewing it back up didn’t seem very fun.  And he seemed really bummed out about it because he had thrown it at the wall and was definitely feeling guilty about it not working anymore.  But flying through the air and hitting things really hard is what Angry Birds do.

Google to the Rescue

Actually, no Google could not find me any useful websites.  But I did find this review that made me laugh:

By Michael Cohen on July 12, 2011

Our six-year old son just learned the hard way that an under $10 stuffed animal with sound might not make it a week. The toy is very cute and the sounds are hilarious — the first 1,000 times — but then the battery dies and you hear the sound in slow-mo. That’s when you hear an entirely different sound: one of a child being very loud and unhappy.

YouTube to the Rescue

After shifting through some YouTube DIY Videos, I find this Thundervolt kid who whacks the thing with a wooden stick really hard and it fixes the sound.  I didn’t think this would work, but it was worth a shot.  I didn’t bang it with a wooden slingshot since I don’t actually have one.  But what I did do, was bang it on our quartz countertop a few times.  And somehow, magically it worked!  Unbelievable.  This guy needs a high 5!

Start building your own Angry Birds Plush nest

So now in addition to his black Angry Bird (Bomb), my son now has a working Angry Bird (Red).  So we have 2 sound-making Angry Birds in the house (just what every house needs).  If you have a little Angry Birds fan in your house, you can check into adopting one (or six):Angry Birds Plush - YouTube DIY videos


Have You had any luck with YouTube DIY Videos?

Love to hear any success stories you have (or an amusing failure).

Let me know in the comments below…

Have you have ever followed YouTube DIY video instructions to fix something, learn something or do something?

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