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360 Security App Review

What is 360 Security? For this 360 Security App Review, we are going to be checking out this Android app on Google Play: 360 Security is Free Security Protection for Android Phones, “Trusted by 200 million users, 360 Security is the #1 all-in-one power cleaner, smart speed booster and antivirus app that optimizes your background apps, memory storage, junk files & battery power, keeping your device safe from virus and trojan.” Is 360 Security Safe? With 16,465,267 people rating it 4.6 in Google Play store… these many people can’t be wrong, the app is rocking it and part of it’s job is actually to keep...

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1 Minute Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

I’m a guy in a blogging group mostly composed of women, so I am way out of my league posting a recipe, but I like a writing challenge. The thought of me posting a strawberry shortcake recipe is amusing, mostly because I don’t really have one. There was that one time in Home Economics class when I actually did learn how to bake tea biscuits, so I got as far as 33% of the way there. Since then, my food preparation didn’t get much better. In university Mr. Noodles, Chef Boyardee and frozen pizza were my staples. Fast forward...

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Special Edition of the Becca Book for Becca

Hi Becca, I saw your Mom post on Facebook that today is MRI day. I wanted to give you a big positive boost today, so here are the first 100 acts of kindness you inspired: BeccaBook-SpecialEditionforBecca.pdf There will be 10 times more of them in the book, but today I wanted to give positivity back directly to you and everyone you have inspired. My thoughts are with you and your wonderful family today, Jason P.S. The smiley face number is the reactions each post received; I feel it acts like a “happiness multiplier”. The act of kindness helped some...

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Help the Homeless, Seniors and Families

The Humanity Project Needs Your Help On April 11th, 2017 I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Burrell, the founder of The Humanity Project in a discussion with Rebecca Schofield‘s parents Darren and Anne. We were in his office at the facility they are now kicked out of where they provided meals, clothes and other necessities to people in our community. He told us some gripping stories, like the guy who gave him $1.75 because it was all he had, but that The Humanity Project was ‘all that he had’. If we don’t have a place, the impact will...

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Mr. Clean, Magic Eraser of Stereotypes

Free Sample Kicks Off Philosophical Journey On Friday, my wife received a free sample of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the mail.  We’ve had them before and I have had a few impressive cleanings with them and didn’t contemplate things too deeply.  That is until my 7-year-old woke up Saturday morning with his probing questions when I barely had a coffee in me. Alright, that’s pretty sharp. Why *is* this guy shining his earring until it sparkles with this magic cleaner? Why is he even wearing an earring?  Is he a Genie? What does it all mean?   Is...

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