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Mr. Clean, Magic Eraser of Stereotypes

Free Sample Kicks Off Philosophical Journey On Friday, my wife received a free sample of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the mail.  We’ve had them before and I have had a few impressive cleanings with them and didn’t contemplate things too deeply.  That is until my 7-year-old woke up Saturday morning with his probing questions when I barely had a coffee in me. Alright, that’s pretty sharp. Why *is* this guy shining his earring until it sparkles with this magic cleaner? Why is he even wearing an earring?  Is he a Genie? What does it all mean?   Is...

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Please Do an Act of Kindness for Someone #BeccaToldMeTo

Please Do an Act of Kindness for Someone Lately, I’ve been seeing a bunch of my Facebook friends doing random acts of kindness for strangers using the hashtag BeccaToldMeTo.  For those of you not familiar with the story, grab a tissue. This story is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.   Meet Rebecca Schofield Rebecca is a 17-year-old teenager from Riverview, New Brunswick (on the East Coast of Canada). At 17, she should have her whole life ahead of her. Instead, she recently found out she has 3 – 12 months to live and is literally living her “bucket-list” right...

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How to Find an Amazing Meal in Reykjavik Iceland

Put Reykjavik Iceland on Your Wish List As we start to wind down 2016, it might be a good time to reflect and think about what you’d like to see and do in 2017. This blog post caught my eye today called the “10 Places You Need To Visit In 2017” and #1 on Joana’s list was Reykjavik Iceland: Maybe you already know that Reykjavik can be truly expensive but it looks so damn worth it! This city full of colorful rooftops is surely in my travel wish list for 2017. Is there any reason not to be in yours?...

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3 Wonderful Spirit of Giving Stories to Warm Your Heart

Spread the Spirit of Giving It doesn’t take much to help out your community, small things done by many leads to great things. The spirit of giving starts with one but quickly spreads to hundreds and thousands. Here is an inspiring story about a boy, his father and giving back to the community. 1. Spirit of Giving Starts With One You may have read my other post that featured the inspiring partnership between Bessborough School and Moncton Firefighters. There was someone else inspired by the firefighters to do good things. A little boy in my son’s Grade 1 class...

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How to Get 50 Bucks from Tangerine Bank

Avoid Bank Fees Tangerine Bank is a Canadian bank with great service and no fees.  I have been a happy Tangerine client since day 1.  Actually, I was a happy client even before that when they were called ING Direct.  I had my mortgage with them until I paid it off early IN FULL at the age of 42.  I was a REALLY happy client that day and still am (although it was freaky for a few months not seeing the bi-weekly mortgage payment come out of my account). So long story short, I think I’m pretty savvy when it comes...

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