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Avoid Bank Fees

Tangerine Bank is a Canadian bank with great service and no fees.  I have been a happy Tangerine client since day 1.  Actually, I was a happy client even before that when they were called ING Direct.  I had my mortgage with them until I paid it off early IN FULL at the age of 42.  I was a REALLY happy client that day and still am (although it was freaky for a few months not seeing the bi-weekly mortgage payment come out of my account). So long story short, I think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to money and a big part of that is saving money. I love being a client of Tangerine Bank. I always feel like everything they do is too good to be true.

Earn $50 in 10 Minutes

What would you do if you found 50 bucks laying on the ground?

You’d pick it up, right?

Well, pick this one up!

If you open any type of Tangerine Account (takes less than 10 minutes) before August 31, 2017 with a minimum deposit of $100, using my Orange Key 14038103S1 you’ll earn $50.

What’s the catch?  None.  These accounts have no monthly fee.  If you are pay banking fees now, please STOP! You will save way more than 50 bucks if you stop paying banking fees.

Honest Disclosure: If you do use my key for the bonus offer, I will get $50 too, that’s just how these guys roll!


Earn 2.97% Interest in Savings and TFSA Accounts

Earn 2.97% interest until June 30, 2017 on new deposits to Tangerine Savings Accounts and Tax-Free Savings Accounts:


Questions about Tangerine Bank?

If you are currently paying banking fees now, I must ask, “why”?

Opening an account with Tangerine allows you to electronically link your current bank account(s), so if you’re not quite ready to switch you can transfer money in/out easily between them (free).

Still on the fence?

I’m considering writing a full Review for Tangerine, so if you have any questions about them let me know below.


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