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Alright, I admit it, I rarely use Microsoft Bing. And if I do, it’s by accident.

From a statistical perspective, I really only care about Google. But today, I learned something.

Not only is ranking a blog post on Bing crazy easy, but it’s also crazy fast.

I posted this Simplii Financial rant on November 12, 2018:

According to Ubersuggest, interest in this topic has only started picking up over the last 2 months, so the organic search competition is low. Makes sense, it’s a brand new credit card.

simplii financial ubersuggest


Microsoft Bing Picks up Keywords FAST

Within WordPress, I use JetPack to quickly eyeball traffic patterns and keywords bringing in website traffic. Within just 2 days, I started noticing traffic for the keyword “simplii visa card”.

Bing traffic within 2 days

That’s not what I optimized the post for in Yoast, I used “simplii financial cash back visa” from Ubersuggest.


Microsoft Bing Knows What You Mean

Search engines like Google and Bing are getting smarter about keyword synonyms.

They know you are searching for one thing, but show you posts related to the same topic.

It seems like Bing knew “simplii financial cash back visa” was the same as “simplii visa card” even though 3 words were missing and 1 was added.

Then at the 6-day mark, I see another keyword variation appear on JetPack, “simplii cash back visa”. That time, only 1 word was taken out.

Bing ranks 2 keywords within 6 days


Microsoft Bing Ranks Faster than Google

Neither the 4-word phrase nor the 3-word phrase shows my blog post when I Google them 1 week after posting.

So today, just for fun, I tried using Bing and BOOM, I’m on page 1!

bing page 1 rank in 1 week

There I am on Bing, just 4 posts down from the actual bank, after just 1 week for this SEO keyphrase.

Bing is bringing traffic to my site, for a keyphrase I did not optimize for and it’s doing it faster than Google.

I’ve been ignoring Bing, but it’s not ignoring me… it’s bringing people to my site.


Final Word on Microsoft Bing

If you want traffic to your site, the moral of the story is, don’t ignore Bing.

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