Become a Confident and Profitable DIY Investor

  • Are you are unimpressed with 6% returns while paying 2% fees?
  • Are you looking to learn more about investing on your own but don’t know where to start or what to ask?
  • Are you are tired of the conflicting opinions you see in the media and online when it comes to investing?
  • Are you confused by the overwhelming number of stocks and funds to choose from?
  • Are you holding onto losers too long or not able to find enough winners?
  • Are you spending too much time on research and not even getting broad market index returns?

Join a membership community committed to helping you make Investing easier.

What Kind of Results?

As they say, “past results do not guarantee future results”… but what I can show you are real results from all 3 of my investment accounts for the most recent full year. Social media traders will show just show you their big wins, but how did they do for a full year?



  • 2020 S&P 500 Total Return (VOO) 18.4% 18.4%
  • 2020 Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) ~ 529 Plan 68.8% 68.8%
  • 2020 Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) ~ Roth IRA 81.3% 81.3%
  • 2020 Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RESP) ~ Traditional IRA 85.3% 85.3%


Even for me, those results do not seem real, but here is the year-end report from my brokerage account.


Here is a sample from those compounding profits:

I bought the ARKG Genomics ETF on July 6, 2020

At the end of 2020, I received some Dividend cash and bought 17 more shares. Then, on February 24, 2021 I sold them all for 83% profit in 7 months and 18 days.

Did I get in at the bottom? No.

Did I get out at the top? No.

Was I happy with 83% profit in under 8 months? Yes!

What You Get by Joining

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor, there is always something new to learn as the market continues to shift and evolve.  Monthly membership includes:

Strongest Trends

No more wasting time on social media trying to figure out what stocks they are trying to pump. Get a complete list of everything strongly trending in the market now using short, medium and long term price trend.

Strongest Momentum

After investments are put through multiple trend filters, there are still thousands of good ones to choose from. Members get access to performance ranks to quickly sort out what is great and leading the market.

Real Money Portfolio

See every Stock and ETF I am personally holding in my investment accounts including Entry Date, Entry Price and Performance. Learn from my Buy & Sell decision-making process in real-time.

Video Tutorials

Private Facebook Community to ask questions, get answers and watch group training. Get up to speed fast, no matter where you are starting from.

Shared Wins

Be part of a community that supports you being profitable and celebrates when you are!

Mobile Access

Member website is designed to be mobile-friendly, so you can view, sort and filter investments wherever you are: desktop, tablet or phone.

Behind the Scenes look at the Online Membership

    Check out this 8-minute video demonstration to learn how the membership can help you:


    • Easily compare stocks (#1 in the video tripled in 1 year)
    • Quickly rank strength (instantly compare against 20,293 stocks)
    • Verify performance consistency (over 5 time-frames)

    Recent Profits

    Here is the performance of the Stocks and ETFs currently in my portfolios as of July 9, 2021.

    Tickers, Entry Price and Exit Price are shared inside the membership.

    How Much to Join?

    One low monthly fee to access everything.




    Here is a few things to know. If you have any lingering questions, please start a chat with me using the Messenger icon on this page.

    Do your offer a free trial?

    Sorry, no. Once you join, you will have access to all the best Stocks and ETFs immediately. The monthly membership fee is actually lower than what I pay monthly to access the raw data. Please watch the demonstration video above to get a feel for if this is right for you. If you are still undecided, please sign up for my Free Facebook Group. I will share some free content in there.

    How often do you release new content?

    Daily. I rank 3,000+ ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and 20,000+ Stocks on a daily basis and compare my performance to that. I only do that so I can detect new trends quickly, whether it is new strength or new weakness. Both US and Canadian markets are covered including the following exchanges: NYSE, Nasdaq, TSX, Venture and NEO. For completeness, I do include OTC and CSE but personally avoid them.

    Is this day trading?

    No it is not. This membership will not even work for day-traders since I am only looking at end-of-day data. Day traders enter at the beginning of the trading day and exit at the end of the day. A swing trader could use the membership to generate profits over weeks. Personally, I am looking for strong trends that are profitable for months. If you are looking to a more hands-off approach, I can also help you find the best funds that can be held for years.

    What is technical analysis?

    It’s the study of price momentum and trend over time. Fundamental analysts look at company financial numbers and make projections about the future from that.  Technical analysts interpret that buying & selling to measure strength and weakness. We are not investing based on what we think will happen, or what some guru says will happen, we are making decisions based on what is happening in the market. Price trends and leveraging objective data. Data that is generated as the bullish and bearish votes are cast with millions (sometimes billions) of dollars.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    You certainly can. I designed this to be a Monthly membership. You can come in, have a look around. Maybe when you see what is possible with market-beating ETFs and market-beating Stocks, you may be interested in becoming more active and sticking around. If are just looking to get started and looking for a hands-off approach, I can help with that too. Basically, I wanted to price the membership in a way that you never question it’s value and always have a place to drop in to ask questions or get another opinion.

    How much money do I need to get started?

    If you have less than $1,000 you could start with a 0-commission brokerage like WealthSimple Trade to started learning the mechanics of buying & selling investments. If you have at least $1,000 I would recommend Questrade (that is the minimum account size). I use both. If the membership finds you 1 great investment, it should more than pay for itself. If it keeps you out of 1 bad investment, it should more than pay for itself. You are getting access to training and access to paid data either way, so there is value wherever you are starting from.

    How will I know what to buy and when to sell?

    You will know at all times if you are in the best investments, because we will compare it against 23,000+ choices and over multiple timeframes to help decide what to get in and when it’s time to consider other options.

    Are you a licensed financial advisor?

    Absolutely not. I am a Computer Scientist. This membership is based on data. I export paid data from my provider, I perform custom calculations on that, I upload that to my website, help you interpret it and share how I apply it. I have been self-directed investor for 20 years, so you can learn from my experience and avoid all the mistakes I have made along the way. I am here to shorten your learning curve. I’m here to take the complexity of investing and make it easier and maybe even a little bit fun!

    What People Are Saying

    As soon as I made the switch my eyes were opened to the returns I was missing out on.

    13% on one ETF and 4% on another in the first week.

    I love the strategy as well. Use data analysis to identify the best ETF funds right now, invest in those, check back in every month and switch and rebalance as needed.

    Early retirement here I come!


    We are really enjoying the process of taking charge of our own investments and strategy.

    Jason has helped us in this regard as we learn more about various investments and taking those baby steps.

    If you want to learn more about investing and taking greater ownership over your strategy, we recommend this group!

    P.H. and D.E.

    Membership Leader

    Jason Tremere (left) and international best-selling author Dr. Alexander Elder (right) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    One of my early investing wins was Nortel Networks which I traded from $90 to $120 in a few months. 

    I sold that peak and was hooked.

    Then it fell back down to $90 and I bought it again, hoping to do the same thing. Then randomly, I was on a database course and the instructor was checking his stocks during break. I told him what my plan was, he looked at the chart for a few seconds and told me it was a bad idea. I had friends working there and the company was expanding fast, but he was telling me about the weakness at the 200-day moving-average. I thought he was a bit nuts, but there was something to it.

    Anyway, I did end up selling that day for a $2 loss at $88 and asked him how he learned all this stuff and he recommended  the book Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexander Elder. I bought it, tested it and sure enough, that stock keep going down.

    When it was around $60, I talked to a Wealth Management Advisor at big-name firm who said he was going to tell his clients to re-mortgage their house when it got to $50. I told him it was not done falling. He laughed. Now I’m the one that sounded a bit nuts, but the stock fell to around $1 before the company declared bankruptcy.

    Since then, I have led 2 corporate Investment Clubs to double-digit returns.

    I enjoy teaching others what I learned over the years and can talk about investing all day. I joke that it’s my version of sports, but seriously, it is.

    It might seem weird to have a Computer Scientist teaching investing, but to me it makes perfect sense. There is a lot of data to sift through to find the gems. I have almost a decade of experience doing that as an IT Auditor sifting through millions of transactions looking for fraud patterns, anomalies and outliers. If there is a needle in the haystack, I can help you find it. As a former risk management professional, my goal is to help you limit risk while at the same time maximizing reward.


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